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Because you deserve to live your brightest life.

Reimagine what's possible and achieve your boldest goals.

  • Reset your direction, and reignite your life by joining our 6-week BeamBright virtual learning program LIVE weekly classes and coaching to help you turn your passion, skills, and personal value into a purposeful and profitable dream life and career. 

  • Elevate Your Ordinary and build your brightest life with our practical, how-to book to help you understand more about who you are, what makes you shine, what you want out of your work, career, and life, and how to turn your dreams into reality.


Stories of Success
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Robyn, Content Creator

"The BeamBright course and coaching helped me realize what I truly want out of life. I finally felt it is okay for me to follow MY dreams, and pursue a career in content creation. It's incredible how this program guided me towards a life that aligns with my passions and my purpose."

Orien, Chef

"Thanks to following the steps to build my brightest life, I pursued my passion for cooking and became a chef. I create mouthwatering dishes that bring delight and satisfaction to people's lives. It's incredible how the book helped me turn my love for food into a meaningful career." 

Alyssa, Project Manager

"As a recent grad student, I graduated without a direction or guidance on what I should do next. Investing in the BeamBright program has helped me feel confident and competent to take the next steps in my career and find the work I love. I cannot say enough that it's worth it."

Turn boredom and burnout into a life full of purpose, possibility, and potential. 

Elevate Your Ordinary is the book for people who desperately want more meaning, fulfillment, and joy in their work, career, and lives but are unsure how to achieve it.

In this refreshingly practical and inspiring how-to guide, award-winning leadership and personal growth expert Dr. Monica Moray serves up ten action-focused chapters full of inspiring stories, insightful advice, and reflective exercises. Each chapter focuses on helping you create a personalized blueprint to creating a life you love and finding the work and career that lights you up.

In Elevate Your Ordinary, Monica will walk you through the BeamBright framework to reimagine what's possible, reset your direction, and achieve your boldest goals. By the end of Elevate your Ordinary, you'll understand more about who you are, what makes you shine, what you want out of your work, career, and life, and how to turn your dreams into reality.



Join our next LIVE BeamBright 6-week learning program to get personalized support in crafting your next chapter, discovering what makes lights you up, creating a life and work you love. 

Virtual Team Meeting


What are you waiting for? Elevate Your Ordinary with our practical, step-by-step guide that provides you the tools you need to align who you are with what you do, understand more about what you truly want out of life and career, and build your brightest life. 


Life-changing learning anytime, anywhere. Experience transformation and growth in your life and career with our on-demand interactive learning platform. Reconnect with who you are and redefine a life and future where you shine the brightest. 

Online Class
"Elevate Your Ordinary helped me tap into my artistic talents and turn them into a fulfilling career. Now I wake up every day excited to create beautiful designs for my clients. Thank you for showing me the path to a purposeful life."

Ryan, Graphic Designer

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